I am a Finnish developer and GNU+Linux enthusiast. I love music and coffee. I hate making websites.

About me

I am a developer and GNU+Linux enthusiast from Finland.
I am currently focusing in system administration and programming.

As I spend most of my spare time coding, I've configured a comfortable and productive setup for it.
You can read more of my setup here.

I mainly code C and Bash, even though I'm also capable of coding in other languages, such as Python3, Golang, Typescript and Rust.

I use bash to make small helpers for daily basis.
These scripts can be found in scripts repository. You can find most of my projects in my GitHub profile.


To contact me you can use one of following ways. If you choose to use mail, please encrypt your messages using my PGP public key (so the government doesn't stalk our hellos) and leave yours as an attachment.

Mail: romeq (at) PGP-Pubkey
Telegram: toke6
Discord: romeq#1418